HD PENTAX-D FA 21mmF2.4ED Limited DC WR

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An ultra-wide-angle snapshot lens that delivers distinctive image renditions in both close-range and distant photography, while creating a natural, beautiful bokeh effect for such subjects as a seashell-covered beach with a background of breaking whitecaps and the faraway horizon

When used for distant subjects such as landscapes, it delivers a sharp, clear image across the image field, depicting leaves and branch tips in detail and even expressing the dampness of misty mornings. In close-range photography, it lets you approach the subject to a distance of just seven centimeters from lens front, letting you capture images with exaggerated perspective by taking advantage of its ultra-wide-angle focal length.

In close-range photography, it provides a mild bokeh (defocused) effect in the background while capturing the main subject in sharp, crisp focus. Since the background gradually and subtly fades out of focus, the image retains the prevailing ambience of the entire scene. This lens lets you experience the pleasure of photography by changing the imaging characteristics depending on the shooting distance and the selected aperture.